“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” - Thomas A. Edison


Helps with Pain Management. It is a topical pain reliever. It can help with the discomfort associated with sore muscles, muscle sprain/strains, joint pain, and arthritis to name a few. Please ask Dr. Lindsey if you would like a free sample.(www.biofreeze.com)


A nutritional supplement company that Dr. Lindsey uses to help balance her patients. She primarily uses their liquid vitamin D, as well as another product to help detoxify the body of excess heavy metals.(www.bioticsresearch.com)


This company specializes in enzyme products for enzyme therapy. Enzymes are the catalyst within our bodies. They are needed for proper digestion, strong immune system as well as proper chemical reactions within our bodies.(www.enzymeformulations.com)

Claton Shagal

These are high grade cosmetic products to help support the microcurrent therapy but also they are good facial products for cleansing and moisturizing with out harming the skin. These products help to revitalize the skin, adding moisture, nutrients, collagen and elastin back to the tissues. (www.claytonshagal.com)


A supplement company that Dr. Lindsey likes to use for their homeopathic mixtures as well as their other oils, herbal products and vitamins. (www.energiqueherbal.com)


This is the primary company Dr. Lindsey likes to order herbal products from. They maintain high standards for their products and the quality of their products. (www.standardprocess.com)


A supplement company that Dr. Lindsey will use when she has patients with a lot of food allergies, when she is unable to use whole food nutrition on a patient. (www.metagenics.com)

Nuwati Herbals

An American Indian Herbal company that specializes in balms, oils, teas, soaps and other natural products. They also have products for pets. (www.nuwatiherbals.com)

Standard Process

A whole food supplement company that Dr. Lindsey likes to use to help balance any nutritional deficiencies a patient may have. As well as a good source of multi- supplements and multi-minerals.(www.standardprocess.com)

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