“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” - Thomas A. Edison

Success Stories


Major Complaint: Sore (bad) knee, left Sciatic Nerve Pain, Bad back
Past History: 31 years of construction work
Other Doctors Consulted? M.D.
Their Diagnosis: Too young for a knee replacement
Their Recommendations: If you want to live to be old you have to get tough
Chiropractic Results: In 3 visits I was able to get down on my haunches for the first time in over 5 years. Within 6 visits my sciatic nerve quit hurting and I put my magnet back in my tool box instead of my hip pocket.
Additional Benefits of Chiropractic Care: It is far more Comfortable to sit erect than to slouch around and I feel better physically now than in probably 10 years.

Major Complaint: Low back pain and sometimes very painful upper back
Past History: I was in a wreck about 2 years ago with my mom and ever since then my back has given me troubles.
Other Doctors Consulted: M.D.
Their Diagnosis: Severe Whiplash
Their Recommendation? Physical therapy
Result? It didn’t help, it helped the pain a little, but it didn’t help.
Chiropractic Results: My back feels a whole lot better. I don’t have as much pain as I use to, hardly any at all.
Additional Chiropractic Benefits: I can sit up straight, without it hurting.

Major Complaint: Low back pain, couldn’t turn neck fully, it hurt sitting for more than 10 minutes. I could not stand for extended periods of time, walking for some time hurt down my leg on the right side. I could not lay down on my back, side or stomach with out hurting.
Past History: Car accident – L4/L5 herniated, whip lash- wore a neck brace for a while, leg pain from low back, could not stand up very long or sit at a long spell. Whenever I did get up I had to get situated to where I could stand and start walking.
Other Doctors Consulted: M.D.
Their Diagnosis: L4/L5 Disc herniation
Their Recommendations: Steroid shots and physical therapy
Results: temporary/ just not helping at all
Chiropractic Results: I have been able to rest more comfortably. I can do more movement with my neck (left and right). I can sit, I can sleep better. I have more mobility in moving from my back to my side and from my side to my back. I can touch my toes and tie my shoes easier.

Major Complaint: My back hurt so bad that I could only stand for 15 minutes. To walk was miserable. To turn over in bed was misery. My right arm hurt and I could not reach it over to the other arm.
Past History: When I was 16 I was in an accident, 20 years later I found out that I had 2 fractures in my neck.
Other Doctors Consulted: M.D.
Their Diagnosis: Arthritis
Their Recommendations: live with it and take Tylenol
Chiropractic Results: My back feels much better, I have better circulation in my legs and feet (they are no longer cold all the time). I can move my right arm with out pain now.
Additional Chiropractic Benefits: I feel much better. Like a real live person.

Dr. Lindsey “What is your kind of chiropractic called? Because I have felt so much better this last week. My neck has not bothered me at all. I don’t know what you did, but it is working better than what my chiropractor does. I am trying to figure out if there is a Chiropractor in my area who does the same technique.”
This was a patient who came to the office on an emergency visit. She was in town visiting family and was unable to get into her regular chiropractor before leaving town. She was having a lot of neck pain and headaches. She was use to traditional chiropractic and was skeptical about using a different lower forced technique.

She presented to the office with headaches, tired all the time due to stress of headaches, bloated, and anxious. She has had constant headache for the past 10 years. She sought the help of an M.D., Neurologist, and other Chiropractors with little relief. She was diagnosed with stress headaches and given medication to relieve her discomfort. “Nothing seemed to help and kept getting worse.” After a few adjustments by Dr. Lindsey Jaccard she no longer has headaches and things are getting better. She still experiences some tension in her neck and shoulder region but it seems to be improving as well. And she is currently off all medications for her headaches.

I began going to Dr. Lindsey to help me with my symptoms of Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. When I first met her I was barely able to do my job and function afterward. Now, through chiropractic and nutrition I am able to complete my job, and still have enough energy to work out and do other things that I have been putting off. I feel like a new person.

I have had problems with my hip for several years. I began seeing my primary care physician for this problem and had received several rounds of steroid injections to help solve this problem. I made little progress with them and then became a patient of Dr. Lindsey. since beginning chiropractic treatments I experience little to no discomfort with regular care. I have also recently experienced TMJ problems after a dental procedure that was causing me significant discomfort. My dentist and primary care physician recommended pain medication that left me feeling foggy. We began utilizing adjustments and acupuncture and I am now out of pain and have no need for pain medications.

I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. This was causing me great discomfort and potentially risking my career. Dr. Jaccard utilized chiropractic and nutrition and in just a few days I have noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms and my pain level. I am now able to physically train and do my job with out pain.

After jumping out of the back of a truck I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. After a few weeks of treatments and recommended exercises I was able to return to normal activities with no foot pain.

I have suffered with chronic low back pain for many years. I have been to many other types of doctors with no success, just another medication. Since beginning treatments with Dr. Jaccard I am able to go longer periods of time with out pain.

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